CatCap advises SaaS knowledge management specialist SABIO during the sale to Serviceware SE

Serviceware SE, the listed leading European provider of software solutions for the Enterprise Service Management ("ESM") market, will take over all shares of SABIO GmbH effective July 30, 2018. The purchase price is paid by Serviceware entirely out of the existing liquidity.

SABIO is a leading provider of knowledge management solutions with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model. As a result of the take-over, Serviceware will be the first provider in the world to be able to integrate a knowledge management module into its Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform. In this way Serviceware offers its customers the possibility to continue to increase the efficiency of their services and significantly reduce their costs. The combination of the existing software from Serviceware with the SABIO solution offers, moreover, the possibility to further improve service processes by means of artificial intelligence.

In 2017 SABIO achieved a turnover of approx. two thirds in SaaS. The company has a strong national and international client base, which includes numerous major corporations with a strong international sales expertise.

With the acquisition of SABIO, only approx. 3 months after the successful initial public offering of Serviceware in the prime standard, the company continues to consistently implement its growth strategy. The acquisition will enhance Serviceware's leading ESM platform, open cross-selling opportunities, especially at national and international scale, and further accelerate international sales activities, including SABIO. At the same time, the share of SaaS sales in consolidated total sales will continue to increase significantly.

The innovative and intuitive knowledge management solution from SABIO will complement the existing digital modules of the Serviceware ESM platform, helpLine (Service Management), anafee (Financial Management) and Careware (Field Service Management).

Alexander Holtappels, Founder and Managing Director of SABIO: 'Serviceware is the ideal partner for us. We are excited about a joint future, because our solutions complement each other perfectly. SABIO will strongly supplement the Serviceware platform in particular in the field of customer self-service processes. As a result of the optimisation of self-service processes, our customers can already save today up to 30 percent of the costs arising there, whilst securing a higher quality. Serviceware will in future cover the value chain in Enterprise Service Management even more extensively. We very much appreciate being part of an owner-managed German software company in the future and playing a leading role together in a new area of the software market.'

ENGELHARDT KAUPP KIEFER (EKKUB) holds shares in SABIO since 2009 and has been actively supporting the company's growth strategy ever since. "We are proud to have been able to accompany SABIO on its way to becoming the leading provider of knowledge management software." says Tobias Engelhardt, Managing Director of EKKUB. "The software solutions from SABIO and Serviceware complement each other perfectly, so Serviceware is the ideal strategic buyer," adds Stefan Mertel, who advised Sabio as Investment Director at EKKUB.

Dirk K. Martin, CEO and Founder of Serviceware: 'With SABIO we have found the perfect company to implement our growth objectives on several levels upon a takeover. The market for Enterprise Service Management is growing dynamically, and in the competition for market shares a central driver consists in offering corporate customers the most performing and efficient platform with which they can digitalise their service processes and increase customer satisfaction. As a result of the integration of SABIO into the Serviceware Group, we make yet another big step forward in view of European market leadership. Based on our many years of experience in the integration of companies, I assume that the process of growing together will be smooth and rapid.'

CatCap advised the shareholders of SABIO during the acquisition through Serviceware SE.


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